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Indie folk/electro pop artist and songwriter of many genres, based in Nashville. Anna Renee's musical aesthetic demands attention, exploring aspects often forgotten in the mainstream pop industry, consistently releasing tracks designed to transfix and surprise listeners. 

Anna Renee began her musical journey in 2014 with the release of her first EP, The Places You'll Go, working alongside Stevie Mackey(The Voice) and Aaron Dudley of Rock Mafia(Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus). Her second EP, What You Seek, was executively produced by Daniel Rojas of 506 Music. 

“I’m always uncovering new aspects of myself in music, and hopefully creating a space for others to delve deeper into themselves."



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The Haunting 

Anna Renee worked alongside DJ Alex Cruz and Melle Kuil, creating the lyrics melody and vocals on this track. 


Peace of mind 

Anna Renee worked alongside Stevie Mackey to cowrite Peace of Mind. 






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Have a special anniversary coming up and want to surprise your loved one with a song containing details of your personal relationship?
Have an awesome friend you'd like to surprise with an anthem of their awesome existence!? 
Have Anna Renee write a song for you!

$300 - an i-phone voice memo with lyrics will be sent.
$400 - Write the song with Anna! If you're in Nashville you're welcome to write face to face, or set up a skype writing session from anywhere! 
$1000 - have the song you wrote minimally produced. 
$3000 - have the song produced and professionally mastered. It will sound like it could be on the radio!!! 

```To set up a write please email``` 

*songwriting credit will go to Anna Renee and any friends she decides to involve. If you decide to do face to face or a skype write, you will be given %50 percent, unless otherwise discussed.